Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2010

How does the Spirit prosper among us?
People in the Meeting come to Meeting for different reasons. Some come for nourishment of their spiritual development and to recharge from a week of work, sometimes in difficult or stressful situations. Some come to join with others who share a vision of working for peace or environmental action. Some come for fellowship or for their children to experience a Meeting community and religious education in the Quaker style. We find ourselves energized with our new Meeting House but still small enough that we don’t have enough people to do all things.

Here are some things that have sprung up and seem to indicate that the Spirit is prospering:

  1. A Wednesday noon worship group has begun meeting.
  2. Religious Education has expanded from 2 to 4 groups and is now offering classes for toddlers, early elementary, middle school, and high school aged youth.
  3. Adult education attendance has skyrocketed and the new format of meeting before Meeting for Worship seems to have nurtured this growth. We continue to seek to better meet the needs of the adult age groups.
  4. The Earth Care committee hosted a speaker and has begun a book sharing on Right Relationship that is thriving.
  5. We have hosted the Blue Ridge Gathering last year and have held several social events such as a Xmas gathering, a pre-wedding celebration, a speaker on climbing Mt. Everest, and a documentary film viewing of A Gift for the Village. All of these were well-attended and enjoyed by many folks in the Meeting as well as folks from outside the Meeting.
  6. Our workdays to take care of maintenance of the Meeting House and landscaping continue to be sources of joy and fellowship.

We feel fortunate that we have a place to host these events for the Meeting community as well as the larger community. As we become more settled in our new Meeting House and are developing a routine for maintenance, we feel ourselves beginning to wonder what we can do to balance our inward focus with more outward action.

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